About Vitucci’s

    Join us for a bit of nostalgia as the Vitucci’s original pendant lights cast a vintage glow, illuminating a Milwaukee social landmark with just enough kitsche to still be cool. Known as the East Side’s original cocktail lounge, Vitucci’s has been host to generations of Milwaukeeans, serving drinks and creating memories one toast at a time. With doors open for more than 80 years, patrons new and old can enjoy a cocktail or three, continuing an East Side tradition many generations strong.

    Friends have been meeting at Vitucci’s since 1934, but the Vitucci’s have been one of Milwaukee’s nightlife founding families from as early as 1903 with Mike Vitucci, the current owner’s great-grandfather’s Third Ward restaurant which earned him the nickname of “King of the Third Ward.” Since then, Vitucci’s has stayed in the family, with the now fourth generation keeping the doors open and the drinks coming for a new generation of Milwaukee’s social scene.